About us

Dr. Christopher Keane, MPH, ScD. is enjoying the world anew through the eyes of his 9 year old daughter. He composes music, sings, plays violin and piano, mainly for his daughter Ember (you will hear music Chris composed in the background of several of his educational movies and Scratch models). He enjoys looking deeply into patterns of nature, studying the underlying rules and hypnotic repetitions. He practices deep awareness meditation, both in nature and in quiet solitude.

He has published in over 30 prestigious peer-reviewed journals on a variety of topics relating to collective dynamics and social behavior, and has a textbook (Springer) on these topics. He has much experience conducting visioning exercises with communities (see “bird’s-eye view“).  He has many years of experience teaching community health, conducting research, and creating computational models of social-ecological dynamics.

He applies his experience to games, models and books, which he creates with his wife Kathy. All the games are based on models he has written about in published articles, his textbook on modeling, and his game-based research.

Dr. K. J. Keane, PhD (Art History), BS (Art Education, K-12) is fascinated with patterns found in nature—the veins of leaves, the spiral of fiddlehead ferns, a lone Blue Jay feather. Her current painting series takes bird feathers in extreme closeup, a “bug’s eye view,” and transforms them into bold abstractions. This challenges viewers to reconsider the common place.

Natural patterns are also found in the seasonal cycles, repeating patterns that are the rhythm of life on our planet, inspiring myths, music, and even philosophy. Nature, while possessing a simple elegance, can evoke profound awe. Stoicism asks that we “Follow Nature” and shift perspectives, taking a “bird’s eye view” of the world to determine what is in our control and what matters. Kathy’s version of an ancient meditative exercise “View from Above” is featured on our webpage. 

Kathy created the game art for Meadowkin, Little Tip, Tolerance, and Hunters and Grazers. Her mediums are painting, drawing, sculpture and fiber arts. She has taught K-12 art and university art history. She has recently completed a picture book, “At the Edge of the Meadow.”

We share a feeling of awe discovering patterns of nature and the underlying spirituality. The life pattern games and code speak to our minds. The stories speak to our hearts.  Sharing our talents, we can bring this miraculous project to you.