Miura fold pattern

The cards that come with your Beautiful Discovery Box give you basic instructions for the Miura fold. Here is a trick that make the folding easier.  

Fold along one straight line, then another in the opposite direction. 

Repeat until all five straight lines are folded. You end up with a strip of six long overlapping columns, a zigzagging accordion fold.   

Fold the entire strip along the diagonal lines, alternating direction, making the whole strip a zigzag, accordion fold.

Now unfold so you can see all the lines. 

Here’s the more difficult (but fun) part. Fold all the dotted lines upwards, like a mountain. Fold all the solid dark lines downwards, like a valley. Note that this reverses the direction of half of the existing folds. Below shows the first dotted line completed. 

Continue in this way. This part takes quite a bit of fiddling and adjusting. I really enjoy this part. But the first time I did it, I often was not sure it was working. It requires some patience.  

Below is the completed result.  

It can fold into a very small volume.