Mountainkin is our simplest game, a card game. The three types of Mountainkin are Hammerling, Cloakling and Clawling, the latter two shown in our outline version for you to color. 

We can personalize this game. Send us your photo (up to three photos), and become the characters. Or you can draw or color your own.

Mountain is very simple, like Rock-Paper-Scisssors, and popular with for kids as young as three. Our scratch version of Mountainkin is much like the card game and show some simple code in a drag and drop format.

The simplicity of Mountainkin makes it a good starting place for learning about coding the game in Scratch. You can learn about the role of random chance in games.

At a slightly more advanced level you can learn about probability patterns.

To purchase just the standard Mountainkin deck, click here. The Mountainkin game also is included in your subscription.