Unleash Your Pattern Power
Get practical skills with ease by tapping into your pattern power.  This works because:
  • Life teems with emergent patterns
  • Awesome patterns emerge from simple code
  • Brains are natural pattern decoders
  • Math is the science of patterns
  • Patterns enable prediction
  • Patterns simplify complexity
  • Pattern awareness nurtures spirit
Because our universe teems with emergent patterns, the skills you acquire apply in many areas, such as math, sciences, and the arts. Our lives are full of patterns. Learn to detect and decode these patterns with our life pattern games. These life pattern games, which have both cardboard and code versions, are a fun way to apply pattern thinking while acquiring skills.
Your monthly subscription includes life pattern games, field exercises, related art activities, and illustrated books. These adventures in life patterns give all ages a perspective of our world that adds meaning and richness to life and can lead to a rewarding career in a STEAM field.
S.T.E.A.M. power your learning with life pattern game code
Life patterns naturally integrate science, technology, engineering, art and math in a simple, frugal and beautiful way. Likewise we integrate these topics with life pattern games, with cardboard and computer code versions. Going from cardboard to code takes you from tangible linen textured color games to computer code of the same games. Going from there to life pattern awareness activities applies what you learn to the world around you. See how code drives natural life patterns, and how technology can generate life-like patterns that you can enhance with your own creative input. This is an elegant and frugal way to gain S.T.E.M. and S.T.E.A.M. skills.
Winning our strategy board games requires thinking about the emerging global patterns. Our brains are pattern decoders, so our pattern-based learning approach makes math, science and coding visually intuitive experiences. Create awesome, emerging patterns using just a little bit of elegant, simple code. The resulting patterns are visually engaging, even beautiful.
Moreover, our beautifully illustrated, linen-textured cardboard games make learning visually attractive, tactile and fun. Although our game images were carefully designed to bring the games to life, we can personalize your games, including the tiles, the boxes, and the computer models with your own images, photos, or drawings. This added element of creativity only adds to the enjoyment and educational value and gives a personal touch not found elsewhere.
Fun learning for kids and adults
The simple explanations and whimsical art capture the imagination of young learners, while the content ranges from introductory lessons to complex models and code. We give you the building blocks to take this a far as you would like. This can be a fun family project, a great way for a grandparent to interact with the special children in their life, or a fun way for an adult to do a self-guided study of popular coding software and computer modeling.