Personalized games & code

Be a co-creator! You have the opportunity to contribute to the creative process, personalizing your games. Send us your own photos or drawings to be used as the game art. By using your own images (paintings, drawings or photos) as motifs in the patterns, you become a co-creator of these beautiful patterns. Co-create with your images and make it truly YOUR adventure!

You also can personalize the board games, card games and computer games with images of your siblings or friends. By creating your own images, you enjoy a deeper sense of creation, making these games truly yours! Paint designs or use computers to generate your own variants of patterns. Scratch software has a built-in paint program, and there are several other ways for you to create images for your games and models. We encourage this immersion in the learning experience and will help guide you through the creative process.

You also can modify the electronic games and code. Modifying game and model code to suit your own needs enhances the learning experience, and is a great way to learn coding.