Model Your Roses

What slider settings do you like for your roses?

 Try different different angles and brightness settings in this model.

How does an angle of 90° look in your roses?

These angles overlap petals too regularly. An angle of 90° makes roses look very square. An angle of 120° looks a bit triangular. 

Real roses have what turn angle?

In real roses, successive petals turn at the golden angle (137.5° ) which spaces petals well, with less overlap than for other angles. 

Use above model to answer below questions and win points. Dig deeper and play with  i-code.  

Rose quiz

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Which of the following look like the petals are arranged at 90 degree angles?

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Which of these look like petals turned at 137.5 degrees?

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Which of the following have petals arranged at 120 degree angles?

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The above roses model has this code block--True or False?

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The above roses model has this code block--True or False?

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Each rose uses one petal costume, copying, shrinking and turning that petal costume by the "turn angle."

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