What we do

We make awesome adventures in pattern coding and decoding.

Our aim is to give you practical skills with ease by tapping into your pattern power. We do that with kits of life pattern games (cardboard), toy models (code), and decoding activities (field).

Our STEAM powered learning kits integrate arts & sciences as the study of life patterns. Because our universe teems with emergent life patterns, the skills you acquire apply in many areas, such as science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM). We carefully crafted our kits to address the New Generation Science Standards.

We make a fun monthly kit of life pattern games, field exercises, related art activities, and illustrated books. These adventures in life patterns give a perspective of our world that adds meaning and richness to your life and can lead to a rewarding career in a STEAM field.
The simple game rules, thorough explanations, and whimsical art make learning fun by capturing the imagination with colorful characters interacting in interesting scenarios, while content and skills range from introductory lessons to complex models and code.
Our life pattern games have both cardboard and code versions to introduce coding first in a concrete way, before you explore the computer code versions of the game. The cardboard games give you a tangible and fun experience of the models that you can share with your family and friends. The code versions of the games extend what you learned into the realm of computers. We give you the building blocks to take this as far as you would like. This can be a fun family project, a great way for a grandparent to interact with the special children in their life, a fun way for an adult to do a self-directed study of popular coding software and computer modeling, or a way for homeschool groups to both meet educational standards and give their children fun social activities.
Learn computer modeling and simple coding by playing with our sample models of segregation, spirals, peer pressure, spots and stripes, and more. Learning to decode such life patterns is fun and helps you create similar patterns with your own computer code. 
Our “pattern power” approach works because:
• Life teems with emergent patterns
• Awesome patterns emerge from simple code
• Brains are natural pattern decoders
• Math is the science of patterns
• Patterns enable prediction
• Patterns simplify complexity

Our integrative “pattern power” approach will make stepping out your door an awesome experience. You will see emergent patterns in common things such as leaves, flowers, pine cones, shells, waves, peer pressure and social clustering, and thus develop your pattern awareness. You deepen your appreciation of nature and learn valuable skills needed for STEAM careers. The multigenerational appeal of these projects assures that all ages can benefit from learning these skills and enjoy these whimsical adventures.

Our monthly subscription kit, Beautiful Discovery, bundles games, models, activities, and stories. This goes beyond just teaching STEAM content by fostering the spirit of fun and adventure through delightful characters. We bring math and science to bear on social sciences to explore human behavior through the eyes of our characters, such as the playful Meadowkin, a community of childlike creatures who through their colorful escapades can teach us much about ourselves.

PLAY fun board games with whimsical art and colorful characters. Enjoy craft projects that are entertaining, educational, and beautiful. Explore computer models and code designed to accompany our many board games. This is an excellent way for the family to learn while spending quality time together!

LEARN practical STEM skills with ease by tapping into your natural pattern power. Learning to detect and decode these patterns will make a simple walk outdoors a laboratory for identifying and studying emerging life patterns and their role in science, technology, art, and programming. Excellent for family learning, self-directed study for adults, youth study teams or homeschooling parent groups.

IMAGINE understanding nature’s code behind patterns on a sunflower, stripes and spots on animals, or population movement within neighborhoods. By playing our games, doing our activities, and studying our lessons, you will explore these concepts and receive complementary activities to delve even deeper. Use your creativity and imagination to develop your own games, computer code, and awesome art projects using concepts and skills taught through Flock Eco Games products.

GROW confidence by using science, math and technology concepts and problems in fun ways as each box’s content develops skills needed for later more complex activities. You will begin with identifying patterns and see how simple game rules can be converted into code. The simple code will be applied to increasingly complex games. Later, you will explore more advanced coding software used to model more complex concepts and systems. Eventually, you will be able to write your own code using the various programming languages we present to create your own computer games and models. You might even try programming your own simple robot.
SUCCEED in developing STEM skills and be able to answer complex questions such as:
How does a tiger get stripes or a leopard get spots?

Why is the number of spirals on sunflower or pine cone always a Fibonacci number?

How do patterns of social segregation occur?
How might peer pressure lead to social clusters and cliques?

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Pattern awareness in a mindful life

Pattern awareness has its practical application in the sciences, but also can enrich one’s personal life. Seeking out the emergent patterns in nature helps foster a deep appreciation, even awe, of the world around us. Science has found that getting out into nature is beneficial to health and nurtures spirit. Explorations of nature patterns take that immersion in the natural world even further by exploring its underlying structure and rules. These simple rules give a natural harmony to our world that would be missed in the seemingly chaotic modern life. The environment around us and its patterns can be a meditative point of focus much like a mandala, to allow our mind to rest, relax, and release the stresses we face.
* Our company is Flock-Ecogames & Stories. Our products are Beautiful Discovery Box and LifePatternAwe online.